Is My Car Safe with a Valet? – Zach Wojohn

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Zach Wojohn / Founder & CEO of Valet Vault

Zach Wojohn is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Valet Vault, guiding his vision to provide a better, more secure solution for valet key storage. His personal experience in the valet industry, initially as a valet and then as the owner successful valet and parking management company, sparked his determination to improve security in the valet industry which led to the development of Valet Vault.

Zach began parking cars as a valet when he was eighteen years old, and three years later he started his own valet company, Executive Parking Systems. As a lean startup, Zach did not have the money to buy the key podiums he needed, so he created his own out of plywood, Liquid Nails, hooks, and a Sharpie marker. That DIY box was strong enough to withstand being ripped off of a patio wall by a truck and chain and dragged down the street for a couple of miles. As Executive grew, Zach was able to purchase the metal podiums that were considered the standard in the industry, but he quickly realized that they were not as strong as the wooden key boxes that he had built out of wood.

Since Zach bought his first metal box in 2001, key storage options have not improved and the ease at which a box could be broken into remained a matter of a few seconds using a common screwdriver. After losing 2 Porsches and a BMW within 3 days, Zach knew that the industry needed a better solution than the key boxes that were the same flimsy construction as cheap file cabinets. He took on the challenge and the concept of the Valet Vault was born. Zach had a clear idea of what he wanted the Valet Vault to be but needed to team up with an experienced fabricator to make his vision into a reality. This need was fulfilled when Zach formed a partnership with Grant Henry, a third-generation metal fabricator and COO of Henry Inc., a family-owned, Atlanta-based fabrication company with a stellar reputation with an impressive list of clients. The development of the Valet Vault included close collaboration with top CEOs within the parking and insurance industries, and building several versions of the key podium. The result of Zach and Grant’s time and effort was a key storage solution based on best practices that sets a new standard in the industry and provides a substantially more secure, more durable option to what is offered by other valet key storage companies. Simply put, the Valet Vault is SAFER, SMARTER, STRONGER.

See for yourself why the Valet Vault is the most secure valet podium on the market today:



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Zack Wojohn / Valet Vault