The Shrimp Tank Podcast - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
The Shrimp Tank Podcast - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
James Terry - Founder of Terry's Landscape, LLC

James Terry  / Terry’s Landscape, LLC

James Michael Terry born was raised in Alvin Texas. Attended Texas A&M University studied Agronomy and Horticultural. Beautiful wife and 2 boys, Gavin 6 and Braden 5. We currently live in Richmond Texas. Hobbies are my kid’s activities and the outdoors. I love everything small business, learning others metrics and seeing others success!


Terry’s Landscape was formed in 2011. Last year we had 25% growth and are expecting 60% growth this year. We currently have 21 employees and will have 32 peak season. Our focus is on Commercial Maintenance Accounts, Commercial Landscaping and High End Residential Design/Build. We run an open book management with our team, have profit sharing and see value in giving others ownership in our company. We are currently in a nationwide peer networking/assessment group which we have consultants critique and help us become better business people and owners. It creates a since of accountability with our peers and strives for us to achieve more.

In 2014 I had been running my business for 2 years and thought I knew what success was. We had revenue but had no idea on how to track expenses or even calculate a true net profit. We never had a cash flow problem but eventually we fell apart, I owed more than I had, it was a mess.


I reached out to a family member and borrowed money 50K from one and 10K from another. I was scared and broke but it helped me learn what it takes to run a company. I went to business schools through research, reaching out to peers and learning as much as I could. 2015 we had money on the bottom line, enough to pay back loans, 2016 we had a GREAT year, we were able to profit share with our employees and 2017 we are thinking we will have another great year.



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JAMES TERRY / Terry’s Landscape, LLC

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