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Jeff Lovejoy - ActionCOACH Business Coaching

Jeff Lovejoy / ActionCOACH Business Coaching

Jeff joined ActionCOACH out of a desire to help owners grow their businesses in pursuit of their dreams and to provide a positive contribution to their community. He helps owners grow from “wearing all hats” in their business to building superior teams so that the team can run the day-to-day operations while the owner focuses what it takes to grow the business – marketing, financial, leadership, service delivery, et. Owners have accomplished the following in working with Jeff:

*  Doubled annual revenue within first year *  Dramatically improved efficiency of businesses

*  Created internal structure and processes   *  Created a more empowered workforce

  • Helped owners gain strategic focus * Developed sales, recruiting and marketing processes
  • Increased profits 100+% in 9 months (multi-million dollar business)

Prior to joining ActionCOACH Jeff had built a successful 26 year career in sales, sales management, sales support leadership, marketing and project management. As a Senior Vice President at two large national banks he led initiatives that achieved dramatic results, including:

*  Increased sales by over 27%  * Key advisor in driving sales to consultative selling

*  Led development of efficiency teams  * Raised the quality of marketing communications

*  Received a national award for best practices in sales effectiveness in financial services

But he doesn’t pretend to know it all.  As an ActionCOACH, Jeff belongs to a network of over 850 business coaches in 42 countries. With this network of brain power, along with his M.B.A. in Finance, his Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Political Science, over 26 years leading teams in corporate America, and over 800 hours of training as a Certified Business Coach, Jeff is skilled at breaking down complex issues into simple steps, and has the tools to help his clients succeed.

Jeff has been married 18 years to his loving wife Nancy. They have been blessed with 2 wonderful children ages 16 and 12 who are actively engaged in sports, Cub Scouts and both are honor students. Jeff has coached his daughter’s soccer, softball and basketball teams. He also actively supports his son’s interest in Cub Scouts by participating in camping trips, popcorn sales, and badge activities. The Lovejoys live in Brookhaven, a suburb of Atlanta, and regularly attend Dunwoody United Methodist and Christian Science churches. Jeff and Nancy are also members of the Chamblee Charter High School Softball Boosters Club.



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Jeff Lovejoy / ActionCOACH Business Coaching

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