Jim Shumake – Keeping Atlanta Festivals Alive

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Jim Shumake / Principal Owner of Atlanta Creative Events & Executive Director of The Street Food Coalition

Jim Shumake spent years in the restaurant industry before deciding to open a food truck. Once he did, the process led him to a new, unexpected career path.

“As we were struggling the first year, there were event organizers that we’d pay to help us find events,” Shumake said. “I was going to these events that were … not great. I started to think, well, I can do this better. So, I started to organize small food truck events that got larger and larger over time.”

Shumake gave up his truck and now operates Atlanta Creative Events. Today, the festival planning company organizes up to nine events a year, drawing upwards of 30,000 visitors. And with so many Atlantans attending his festivals, Shumake feels it’s his responsibility to give back to the city.

“I’m from Atlanta, and I live here, and almost all of my employees are from here, too,” says Shumake. “If a certain park is struggling or needs recognition, we work with the city to go there and show it to people and demonstrate how the city is growing and revitalizing. I feel very connected to the city.”



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Jim Shumake / Atlanta Creative Events & The Street Food Coalition