John Pollock – Financial Gravity Holdings, Inc.
Entrepreneur Spotlight

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John Speak shot - croppedJohn Pollock/ Financial Gravity Holdings, Inc.

In a sea of boring and outdated business advice, John is changing the conversation on how small business owners approach taxes, profit and the path to growth. As the CEO of Financial Gravity Holdings Inc. and President of Pollock Advisory Group, he’s help hundreds of entrepreneurs to find legal, moral, and ethical ways to lower their tax, raise profit and create wealth. The result? His clients can finally start living their American Dream – a key reason they started their business in the first place.

He has been featured in Forbes Magazine. He is a frequent contributor on television and Radio. John wrote the books The Nest Egg Cookbook – Your Recipe for a Comfortable Retirement. He contributed to the books Secrets of a Tax Free Life, and Tax Breaks of the Rich & Famous. John is also a featured speaker at conferences around the country.



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