The Shrimp Tank Podcast - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
The Shrimp Tank Podcast - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
Jorge Garcia & Alfonso Guerrero - Founders of Urbanika Group

Jorge Garcia – Urbanika Group

Jorge Garcia & Alfonso Guerrero founded Urbanika Group in 2009 as a way to consolidate and integrate their various real estate ventures.

Jorge, originally from Mexico, moved to the United States in the early 2000’s in search of opportunities. He tried his hand at various businesses where creativity, hard work and good relations were the only tools available to him to make things happen, his efforts eventually brought into fruition several profitable ventures.

After years of dedication, he was able to build a significant portfolio of multi-family and residential real estate, at which point he met his current partner Alfonso Guerrero, and they immediately hit it off. Alfonso, with a similar trajectory of hard work and self-sufficiency, had successfully created various real estate investment funds in Mexico(REIT’s), and decided to move and invest in Houston because of the favorable business climate. After meeting each other through mutual friends, It only made sense to partner up, and they founded Urbanika Group.

Today Urbanika Group is involved in various industries:

Real estate: develops retail centers, office buildings, multifamily, and mixed-use.  In Mexico, Urbanika does land development projects (residential subdivisions).

Metal Fabrication: they integrated into their business a fabrication plant where they supply the construction industry with steel frames for various types buildings. The plant also services the oil & gas industry (leeds, tanks, refurbishment of field equipment, custom metal components, trailers, etc.)

Restaurants: Urbanika owns “Tapas” in Market street and is in the process of opening 2 more restaurants in The Woodlands and Houston.

Urban box concepts: they fabricate restaurants, housing, and office space built out of shipping containers. An innovative, modern and green construction technology that has attracted considerable business for them in Houston and San Antonio.



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JORGE GARCIA / Urbanika Group

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