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The Shrimp Tank Podcast Atlanta - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
Joseph Hsiao - Co-Owner of The Flying Biscuit Franchise Locations

Joseph Hsiao / The Flying Biscuit Franchise Locations

Joseph Hsiao grew up in the restaurant industry working in his parents’ establishment as a child. But his parents, immigrants from Taiwan and owners of an Asian restaurant in the U.S., discouraged him and his brother, Matthew, from following in their footsteps.

“My brother and I really loved the restaurant business,” he said. “Just being able to meet people, interact with people, and having a passion for food and customer service. In high school, that’s what I thought I was going to do.”

Their parents urged them to try something different, saying the amount of responsibility and constant work wasn’t worth it.

“Even on your days off, it’s your business, and if something goes wrong, you’re responsible for it,” Hsiao said.

The Georgia State graduate spent some time working in the corporate world after graduation, but he and his brother were undeterred in following their true passion. A little bit of serendipity sealed the brothers’ fate in the restaurant business.

The brothers were exploring restaurant options. The two original locations of The Flying Biscuit weren’t yet franchised. They were controlled by the original owners. Just when the brothers considered The Flying Biscuit as franchisees, the company put the two original locations up for sale as it changed its business strategy to focus on franchising the chain.

“We were looking up at opening another store in Kennesaw, and it was perfect timing,” Hsiao said.

The Hsiao brothers are the co-owners of two locations of The Flying Biscuit restaurant chain, the original location in Candler Park and the second in Midtown, favored brunch spots for Atlantans and visitors from around the world.

On Sundays at the two restaurants, customers will wait for up to an hour or more to be seated for brunch, a casual time to relax and enjoy one last moment of leisure before starting the weekly grind the next day.

Besides the bustle of busy periods, there are other constant challenges that the Hsiaos face, such as customer service and the rising cost of food and other commodities.

And there’s always making sure employee matters are taken care of, keeping morale high in a business where there’s constant stress in a fast-paced environment.

The rewards are worth it, Hsiao said. Business is good, and plenty of celebrities stop by, from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Hugh Jackman to Cameron Diaz and Queen Latifah.

The Hsiao brothers have expansion in mind, looking toward a third location in Kennesaw or eastern Cobb County.

“We do it because we believe in the brand, and we’re passionate about what we do,” Hsiao said.

As for their parents?

“They’re very happy,” Hsiao said, “proud, glad we’re doing well and have been able to move from working at our small family business to a larger scale franchise.”

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Joseph Hsiao The Flying Biscuit Franchise Locations

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