Justin Carmody – Founder & CEO of Conveyor Technology

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Justin Carmody / Conveyor Technology

With a God inspired thought and the knowledge that the customer is always right, Justin Carmody founded Conveyor Technology in November of 1994. Through years of hard work, excellence in service, and great products, the company has experienced rapid growth and is now positioned as North America’s largest dealer of drum motors. Core products include Van der Graaf electric and Tech-Roll hydraulic drum motors, which offer manufacturers a cleaner, safer, and more reliable means of powering conveyor belts, brushes and blades.

At Conveyor Technology, our core values are and will always be:
• The customer is always right
• Treat others the way you want to be treated
• A good attitude is the foundation of successful customer relationships
• Hire individuals whose moral and ethical values are a matter of conscience
• Value and respect the development of strong customer relationships



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Justin Carmody / Conveyor Technology

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