Kelly Kierans- President of Celtic Testing Experts & Daniel “Rotey” Rotenberg – Artist and Producer

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Kelly Kierans

Kelly Kierans, has provided sales and marketing leadership to national companies for more than 12 years. Kelly currently serves as President of Celtic Testing Experts, and is responsible for driving marketing initiatives, company culture, CTE’s aggressive business development, and operations expansions. CTE has provided software Quality Assurance (QA), thought leadership and software testing to a wide portfolio of global clients.

Kelly is passionate about connecting with other IT professionals to solve their QA challenges while raising CTE’s brand awareness. She is actively involved in ATP where she sits on the Board of Directors.  She is a member of Turknett Women in Leadership Group and TAG.  In addition, she serves on the advisory board of ETS Solutions, and the Executive Advisory Council for the KSU Entrepreneurship Center. Kelly is a founder of a new organization called TEK, Technology Experts of Kennesaw.

The goal of TEK is to bring local IT companies together and raise awareness of the IT ecosystem and talent in the Kennesaw area.  She graduated from Radford University’s College of Business and Economics and is an alumnus from LaunchPad2X, the nation’s premier women’s entrepreneurship program.

CTE Company bio:

CTE’s core business is working with clients to seamlessly implement consistent and repeatable QA processes and procedures across the entire IT function. We work in partnership with our clients to manage/lead testing efforts using our ‘QA Connect’ methodology. This allows our clients to see the process in action and provides proof of its effectiveness by demonstrating tangible and measurable results. These results include increased QA output, decrease in critical and major development issues post deployment, and increased confidence in the QA function. We work closely with our clients to find the optimal balance between their QA resources: People; Process; and Tools.


Daniel Rotey Rotenberg

Daniel “Rotey” Rotenberg

Rotey was born in a relatively small town named Waterloo Iowa, where he spent his early childhood. When Rotey was 9 years old, he moved south to the metro Atlanta area. It was shortly after the move when Roteys parents split up, and his Father moved back north to Chicago, leaving his mother to provide for the two of them, and a young Rotey with plenty of time alone. It was during this isolation that his passion for hip hop was born. Rotey bought his first “rhyme book” in high school, and hasn’t looked back since. What started out as just a way to express himself has since blossomed into a full blown career as both an artist and producer, sweeping across college campus’s in the southeast. Fueled by a relentless ambition, Roteys fast paced wordplay and emotionally packed memoirs, coupled with his charming charisma and sharp wit ensure the young MC is not only here to stay, but to thrive.

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