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Kris-Kolarich-HeadshotKris Kolarich / Atlanta Intown Real Estate Services

Specialized Asset Services / Realtor

Atlanta Intown Real Estate Services is a boutique, LGBT and woman-owned Real Estate Brokerage with three offices in Metro Atlanta. We have a combined 40 years of experience in the retail market and over 15 years of experience in the REO and Default Industry. With over 15 years in real estate, I have sold over 1,500 homes in Metro Atlanta. My experiences include working with first-time homebuyers, investors, the default industry; REO; short sales; pre-foreclosures; and with HUD counseling agencies to help keep homeowners in their home through loan modifications, or through any of the other available programs such as HAMP/HARP. I am also experienced in selling high-end homes. I have been licensed since 2001. I began working the REO market in 2007, and have been the top agent in multiple real estate offices from 2009-2014. I am also making strides to do the same for 2015. I have the knowledge, compassion and experience when working with struggling homeowners in the preforeclosure/short sale arena, and with homeowners who have just had their home foreclosed on and who will need relocation assistance or cash-for-keys making a dignified transition to another home. I have a full staff to assist with occupancy checks, cash-for-keys, property preservations, marketing and selling bank owned assets. I bring to the table detailed knowledge of construction and repair costs, enabling me to evaluate, assess and advise marketing strategies for a particular asset as is vs. repaired. We pride ourselves in our efficiency to submit BPO’s within 24-48 hours but with great details to show our clients what the market really looks like. I have done hundreds of BPO’s and have sold close to 1,000 homes in the past 8 years.

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Garrett Jacobs, Lee Heisman, Kris Kolarich and Chris Hanks

Garrett Jacobs, Lee Heisman, Kris Kolarich and Chris Hanks

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