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Kriston Sellier / Owner of id8 Branding Agency

Kriston Sellier has owned id8, an award-winning branding agency, for 20 years. She has helped companies big, small, local and global to find their brand voice and to succeed in a crowded and competitive market. Kriston searches for ways to grow and challenge herself and her team. This tenacity has brought success time and time again to id8, including a spot in the 2020 Top 25 Small Businesses of the Year | Cobb Chamber, the Top 25 Best Small Businesses in Working Mother magazine, and numerous awards from Graphic Design USA and AGDA.

But Kriston is more than a strategist and entrepreneur; she has been an accomplished designer in her own right since 1996. Her web design work was featured with high profile and global companies like IBM, Kodak, and the New York Times.

Kriston has a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design from Illinois State University and completed Masters Work at the University of Cincinnati. In her free time, she loves coaching the Junior Hoya’s Cross Country Team and running with the Allatoona Running Club.


id8 Bio

Recently, named one of the top Small Businesses of the Year by The Cobb Chamber in Cobb County, Georgia, id8 branding agency has won more than 70 design awards and working with clients to develop conceptual brand experiences based on strategic planning and memorable design. Founded in 2000, id8 specializes in helping companies create and creatively leverage their brand so the company stands tall among the other brands competing in the same space.



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Kriston Sellier / id8 Branding Agency