Spotlight Episode Rhonda and Frank Duffy – Duffy Realty of Atlanta

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Rhonda DuffyRhonda Duffy/Duffy Realty

Considered as a credible real estate expert and consumer advocate, Rhonda has been interviewed and published in hundreds of articles. She has been in the Wall Street Journal at least 20 times, on CNN, CNBC, on 4 major news channels, on Clark Howard’s Prime Time Real Estate special, quoted on MarketWatch and many, many publications.


Frank DuffyFrank Duffy/Duffy Realty 
Frank Duffy, co-owner of Duffy Realty of Atlanta, has been a home seller coach to over 20,000 Atlanta clients saving them millions in traditional agent fees.


Christopher C. Hanks is the founder and executive director of the KSU Entrepreneurship Center. Prior to this, Hanks was the founder and director of the entrepreneurship program at the University of Georgia. He has owned multiple businesses, including music, e-commerce, publishing, and export ventures. He is also the co-author of a best-selling book on low risk entrepreneurship.

Hanks leads the International Entrepreneurship Institute and is certified in business valuation, providing expert witness testimony. Before teaching at UGA, Hanks taught entrepreneurship at Georgia State University and assisted in leading the Russell Center for Entrepreneurship. He earned a BBA from University of Georgia and an MBA from San Jose State University. Before launching his first business, Hanks held corporate risk management positions in the pharmaceutical and beverage industries.


Ted-Jenkin-ProfileTed Jenkin (host) / Oxygen Financial 

Ted has been an entrepreneur, leader, and social media pioneer in the financial services industry. In 2008 Ted founded Atlanta based oXYGen Financial, a financial services company focused on serving the X and Y Generation. oXYGen Financial now has more than 2,500 clients and manages over 450 million dollars. Ted has been quoted in more than 75 publication and newspapers including being a featured columnist for the Wall Street Journal The Experts and appearing frequently on CNN’s Headline News Weekend Express. He runs one of the top 15 personal finance blogs in the country,

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L to R Chris Hanks, Rhonda Duffy, Frank Duffy, Ted Jenkin

L to R Chris Hanks, Rhonda Duffy, Frank Duffy, Ted Jenkin