KSU Student Entrepreneurs

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Ben & Sammy Amor / Cloud 9 Smoke & Vape Co.

Ben is graduating in May from Kennesaw State University with a degree in Management, While Sammy is graduating in December of this year in a management major. We are two individuals from immigrant parents that instilled an extreme work ethic and a passion to follow our dreams. We own and operate Cloud 9 Smoke & Vape Co., SBK International, and Skyline Hookah Lounge. We started with our hookah lounge Skyline in 2010, because we saw the opportunity that there were no hookah lounges in Cobb County at the time, but shortly thereafter we founded Cloud 9 in 2011.

Cloud 9 is a chain of smoke and electronic cigarette retail stores with 6 locations in the metro Atlanta area.  We vertically integrated to a wholesale company, because we needed a warehouse to store our products, and it only made sense to use our buying power to sell to our competition.


Chris Hanks / KSU EC

Ted Jenkin/Oxygen Financial

Lee R. Heisman /Savant Comprehensive Technologies

Ben Amor / Cloud 9 Smoke & Vape Co.

Sammy Amor / Cloud 9 Smoke & Vape Co.