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Bryan Keller / Keller Guitars

Bryan Keller is a senior at KSU graduating in May with a business management degree and finance minor. My passion in music, specifically guitar, and I enjoy utilizing that passion for worship. Because of this passion, I decided start a company called Keller Guitars, which sells acoustic/electric guitars with different bible verses burned or foil pressed onto the face of the piece. I began the venture only 3 months ago so it is very new but will be launching its first line of acoustic guitars this March. This line will be called The Carpenter Series and display Psalms 95 on the guitar.


Elise Akin / Bake and Shake

My name is Elise Akin, and I’m a senior at Kennesaw State University. I love baking and the entire atmosphere of surfing, so I’m opening a half-bakery, half-longboarding shop called Bake and Skate. I have lived on every continent besides Australia. My heart really aches for the women I’ve lived with who create beautiful hand-crafted goods, but don’t get nearly as much as they deserve for their products. So I will also incorporate my not-for-profit, Sew The World Knows, where I will sell their products in my shop and then send the profits back to their villages.


Joey Ruse / Art’NspirED

Joey Ruse is a junior at Kennesaw State in the Entrepreneurship Program. He is the Vice President of Kennesaw State’s Enactus team, an organization dedicated to economic empowerment through sustainable, entrepreneurial action. He is also the Project Manager for Art’NspirED (www.artnspired.com), a business which fulfills the Enactus principles by creating American markets for handmade goods from artisans in developing countries.  In addition to serving as the Vice President of External Affairs for the Epsilon Nu Tau Entrepreneurship Fraternity which is starting at Kennesaw State. Joey is the marketing intern at AquaGuard Foundation Solutions in Marietta, GA.

On his free time, Joey works on his first novel, The Freedom Initiative, consults aspiring college entrepreneurs, and tries to keep a consistent gym schedule.


Rotey / Rotey Music

Rotey was born in a relatively small town named Waterloo Iowa, where he spent his early childhood. When Rotey was 9 years old, he moved south to the metro Atlanta area. It was shortly after the move when Roteys parents split up, and his Father moved back north to Chicago, leaving his mother to provide for the two of them, and a young Rotey with plenty of time alone. It was during this isolation that his passion for hip hop was born. Rotey bought his first “rhyme book” in high school, and hasn’t looked back since. What started out as just a way to express himself has since blossomed into a full-blown career as both an artist and producer, sweeping across college campuses in the southeast. Fueled by a relentless ambition, Roteys fast paced wordplay and emotionally packed memoirs, coupled with his charming charisma and sharp wit ensure the young MC is not only here to stay, but to thrive.



Chris Hanks / KSU EC

Ted Jenkin/Oxygen Financial

Lee R. Heisman /Savant Comprehensive Technologies

Bryan Keller / Keller Guitars

Elise Akin / Bake and Skate

Joey Ruse / Art’NspirED

Rotey / Rotey Music

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