Kurt Schneiber – founder and CEO of Clear Horizon Leadership

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Kurt Scheibner - HeadshotKurt Schneiber / Clear Horizon Leadership

Founder & CEO

Kurt Schneiber is the founder and CEO of Clear Horizon Leadership, a firm dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and business leaders make a more consistently positive impact both on their businesses and through their personal lives. He helps them see their professional and personal horizons clearly and take action to move toward their full potential. He coaches entrepreneurial leadership teams to achieve crisp vision, exceptional execution and traction, and organizational health by guiding them through the implementation of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). He lived and breathed EOS for several years as the CEO/Integrator and reveled in the progress and growth of his company and the people with whom he worked.

Kurt has 25+ years of successful leadership and management experience. He has honed the skills in which he coaches and trains leaders through executive management responsibilities in both large and small businesses and in industries as diverse as consumer products, finance, and technology in the US, the Middle East, India, Asia, and Africa. In addition, he has held significant leadership roles in volunteer organizations where he has coached thousands to become holistically healthier. Kurt has created a legacy of companies and people who have flourished under his leadership.

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