Leonard Kirshner & Tab Fipps – Kirshner Financial & Insurance Services

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Leonard Kirshner / Owner & President of Kirshner Financial & Insurance Services

Leonard Kirshner is the Owner & President of Kirshner Financial & Insurance Services. He has been in the Financial Industry for over 35 plus years helping in installing balance in Financial decisions that effect you and your family. He enjoys in giving back to the community by coaching football for over 14 years. Leonard was born in Southern Cal and lived here most of his life. 

Tab Fipps / Kirshner Financial & Insurance Services

Tab brings over 35 years of business experience to our team, having owned and operated different businesses since his late teens. With this background he understands the needs and concerns of the small business owner and how to make sure they are properly insured and their assets protected.

Tab and Leonard have known each other since Junior High School where they formed their friendship, as well as their disciplined work habit on the football field. He and his wife live in Orange County and have two grown children.



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