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Lessons for Entrepreneurs from an Intrapreneur - Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson / Founder of Sapient Global Solutions

For more than two decades Greg served as a CEO and senior executive at Fortune 500 and start-up enterprises in the wellness and financial services industry including American Express, Ameriprise Financial, Crawford and Pulse Centers & Pulse Equine.  Greg is the founder of Sapient Global Solutions,  a boutique consultancy that specializes in helping SMEs and family business scale and support the weight of hyper-growth.  A keynote speaker and university guest lecturer, he has been featured at hundreds of industry conferences in North America and Europe with his most recent talks focused on the new Wellness Renaissance, the nexus between allopathic medicine, ancient healing, and modern technology and its impact on industry stakeholders. Greg has served as a judge for TiE University Atlanta and is a new contributor to the Atlantic Council’s GeoTech Center.



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Lee Heisman / Savant CTS

Greg Johnson / Sapient Global Solutions