Michael Kohler – Expanding Your Business in the Midst of a Pandemic

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Michael Kohler / CEO & Co-Founder of SEDA Laser Hair Removal

Michael Kohler is CEO & Co-Founder of SEDA Laser Hair Removal. Prior to this, Michael had over 20 years experience in the highly-competitive technology sales & services industry. He started his career as a sales rep, which eventually led him into management for a global technology company, where he quickly learned he had a passion for developing sales professionals into high-level performers. He excelled in building & leading high-performing, results-oriented, sales organizations.He led direct and professional services channels,while managing through integration, acquisitions & mergers.

Born in New York City, his family moved to Atlanta when he was 6. Although the majority of his childhood was spent in Atlanta, his family moved several times before graduating from high school. This turned out to be an asset, as he had to learn to adapt many different environments and people along the way, which would prove to be beneficial throughout his career.

Michael is a relatively new entrepreneur, only being at it for less than 2 years. He believes his career in   sales management was a critical and integral in preparing him for entrepreneurship.



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