Michael Megalli – Founder of indie.biz
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Michael Megalli / indie.biz

Michael has  spent most of his career helping large and small companies build great brands. As the founder of indie.biz, he’s now focused on helping anyone successfully start and run their own business. 

Michael started his own first business in 2001: a strategic brand consulting firm based in New York City, called Group 1066. Within a few years the company was doing variety of creative and strategic work for clients like Microsoft, MasterCard and Lehman Brothers.

He ran that company until 2009 when he was asked to go in-house at Microsoft to lead the re-branding of Windows. In addition to leading company-wide re-branding work, he was lucky enough to drive a variety of thought leadership projects, including an innovative modern small business campaign.

Two years ago, Michael decided he wanted to be an entrepreneur again, focused on helping other independents learn, plan and build businesses for themselves while joining a community of others on the same journey. He’s been inspired by the 100s of independent business people he’s met over the last two years and excited about the possibilities as more people nurture that creative spark in themselves.

Michael was also a founding board member of Rise Egypt, an accelerator focused on supporting social entrepreneurs in Egypt.

He studied at Brown University and completed a Master’s Degree in the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University. He lives in Seattle with his family.



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