Nik Thomas / Hawaii Dialogix Telecom

I have been for the most part self-employed my entire career besides 89-96 . My first company was T&T video productions – Did legal videos for lawyers, “Day in the life settlement brochures”. I worked Freelance for ESPN and worked on the first NFL contract in the South-west region.

I moved to Hawaii in 89 to embark on establishing in import export Biz from Hawaii to the mainland and the South Pacific Company was Code 3 out of Conroe and went on to sell that company in 95. I then worked in the auto space from 89-96 until the deregulation of local telecom. Worked for SSC from 97-03 as VP of agent acquisition.

Founded Hawaii Dialogix Telecom in 2003 to present

Founded NTC in 2009 to Present

Acquired FIberIndy Inc in 2016 and became CEO HDT is parent company

Acquired Rapid Innovations inc (International division) of HDT.



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NIK THOMAS / Hawaii Dialogix Telecom

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