Paul Menig – Founder & CEO of Tech-I-M
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Paul Menig / Tech-I-M

Tech-I-M is a business accelerant, helping companies drive faster, profitable results. We get you more money from business, especially when exiting, and more time for life while building your future. We examine 7 forces external and internal to your business helping determine long range strategy and near term business actions. It can be clearly expressed in a single sheet each employee and investor can understand.


Paul is a Detroit native. The impact of technology has been part of his DNA since the fifth grade when he wanted to become an engineer, even though the used encyclopedia he had from the 1940s said that was someone that drove a train. That was not quite what he wanted. He attended Cass Technical High School, sort of a magnet school where he played competitive tennis, took 8 semesters of electrical courses, and met his wife of 40 years and counting. He went on to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduating with a degree in electrical engineering and letters in tennis and squash. The tennis coach did squash in the off season, so all players were pretty much expected to pick up that sport.


Following graduation from MIT, Paul worked at General Electric on products for breast scanners, computer communications, ultrasound, and guided bombs. He spent 15 years at Eaton developing industrial automation, vision inspection, nuclear submarine controls, automated mechanical transmissions, and radar safety systems. Paul spent 18 years at Daimler Trucks North America responsible for all electrical/electronics, brakes, and safety systems, including developing the strategy of global commonality and component sharing that remains part of Daimler’s current strategy.


Since escaping the corporate world in 2012, he’s worked with hundreds of individuals and companies from Fortune 500 to single man startups. He’s a board member and advisor, trusted advisor, author, and speaker



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Paul Menig / Tech-I-M

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