Ralph Nilssen – Certified Coach at The Entrepreneurs Source
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Ralph Nilssen / The Entrepreneurs Source

With over 40 years of experience in both corporate and entrepreneurial roles, Ralph has gained a great deal of knowledge and insight in the world of business. He understands what it takes to be successful, and has faced and overcome the many challenges of business ownership.


In the corporate sphere, as West coast Regional Manager for Allergan Pharmaceuticals, Ralph discovered early on that survival in the corporate environment takes a balance of intelligence, emotional awareness and keen decision-making ability.  While this experience was a good lesson in corporate ladder climbing, it also served to strengthen Ralph’s resolve to have greater control of his future and reinforced his desire to be in business for himself.


As an entrepreneur, Ralph started three businesses from the ground up. A quick serve restaurant, a residential landscape company and a lease option Real Estate Company. He has owned numerous rental properties and for the past 20 years has actively trades stocks and options. Most recently, he purchased a business selling products world wide that he took from 7 million in annual sales to 13 million in seven years, selling the business in 2014.


Ralph is now owner of a franchise, The Entrepreneurs Source, dedicating his time and energy to helping others discover the benefits of small business ownership. Working as a franchise coach, he presents business options to people looking for an alternative career path, giving them access to an entrepreneurial opportunity with the safety net of support via a franchise system.


Ralph is actively working as a speaker with the King County Library system, is serving on a board at the University of Washington-Tacoma and currently offers assistance to military personnel through the VIBE program (Veteran Incubator for Better Entrepreneurship) also located at the University of Washington-Tacoma. Ralph has spoken to many women and men’s organizations about looking at options in self-sufficiency so they can consider ways they can take control of their lives and chart their own coarse for the future.


In his spare time, Ralph and his wife of 42 years, Patti, enjoy spending time with family and their, so far, nine grandchildren. Ralph also enjoys coaching basketball and acting as a mentor for teenage boys within the community.


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Ralph Nilssen / The Entrepreneurs Source

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