Richie Knight – Senior Partner of HW Creative Marketing

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Photos by Blane Marable Photography.

Richie Knight / HW Creative Marketing

Richie Knight is a driven entrepreneur who has spent years honing the art of marketing and management. His affinity for people helps him turn professional thinkers into spirited experts. Years of experience working with people, learning their businesses and celebrating their obsessions have turned a young ideator into a marketing guru.


In 2010, Richie co-founded HW Creative Marketing, a fully integrated inbound marketing agency with a concentrated passion for people and the dedication that drives their business. At the helm of the HW team, Richie brings years of marketing experience to businesses dedicated to sharing their carefully-crafted products and services with devoted customers. Each Spring, Richie coordinates the Success Summit in the heart of Downtown Athens, Georgia, an all-day event giving creative thinkers the opportunity to learn, connect and be inspired.



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Richie Knight / HW Creative Marketing

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