Rodger HeadshotRodger Sumicek  /  Securance Corporation

Sharpening Operational Performance, enhancing employee production, and curbing costs as Executive Business Partner focused on long-term sustainability. A recognized benefits leader known for crafting the requisite strategic vision to achieve business goals, Rodger Sumicek offers a unique blend of executive charisma, team-building, and IT solutions development credited with strong ROI and operational improvement at Securance Corporation, a 45 year old Insurance Agency.  As President and Managing Partner since 2011, Rodger has assisted in building a responsive team of employees that consistently deliver results by aligning everyday working practices to the business goals set forth

With a reputation for using resources – and resulting cost containment – Rodger’s work has been instrumental in providing Securance Corporation the success of company performance.  Annual production has increased, employee morale has increased, and the usage of new IT has made productivity more streamlined.

With a focus on strategic solutions analysis to further business goals, he has directed cost accounting improvements that brought a new perspective on the relative success of business management practices and capital expenditures.

While serving as President and CEO of Westcenter Benefits, Inc, from 1996 – 2011, Rodger facilitated a high rate of business expansion.  Notable Achievements during his tenure:

  • He was an active participant in HAHU, Houston Association of Health Underwriters.
  • He has participated on advisory boards for Aetna, Humana, MHealth and Memorial Hermann
  • He was instrumental in bringing the Gap plans to Texas

Rodger’s early start into the business world included his creation of R&B Surface Designs, a remodeling firm.  The company was started in 1979, by 1982 they had 17 full-time employees.  In 1985, during the big recession, the company was dissolved.  At that point, Rodger turned to Real Estate.  He would conduct real estate seminars from Texas up the East Coast.  He continued to use his knowledge of remodeling when hosting these seminars along with the drive to sell.  In 1996, he shifted gears and opened Westcenter Benefits, Inc.

This knowledge base allowed him to purchase majority stock in Securance Corporation.  Today, Securance is reaching $100 million in premium.



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