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The Shrimp Tank Podcast - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
Running a Craft Distillery from Scratch

Kim Karrick / Owner & Head Distiller of Scratch Distillery

Kim, who has a sensitive and inquisitive palate, tasted a raft of gins, studied the industry, and decided that she would go her own way. She became convinced that there’s no single gin that can appeal to every gin lover. Her passion was to make gin from scratch, using only highest quality, locally sourced ingredients, and to allow enthusiasts to make their own individual blend.

While many gins start with a base spirit purchased elsewhere, Kim wanted to control the process from beginning to end, ensuring corners weren’t cut and quality wasn’t degraded along the way. As Kim notes, “local farmers are taking financial risks by making organic products and Scratch wants to support these sustainability practices.”

Just as the Karricks do in their cooking at home, Kim starts with organic, non-GMO ingredients for her spirits. The wheat and other grains come from Fairhaven Organic in the Skagit Valley, the organic potatoes come from Warden, WA, and the botanicals come from near (as close as the balcony) and far.

With these local and organic ingredients, Kim learned how to cook her own high-quality mash, then ferment and distill the spirit from these grains, with love, into a delicious bottled product.



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Kim Karrick / Scratch Distillery