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The Safest Ways to Run Your Events - Jackie Wood Baker

Jackie Wood Baker / SparkWood Events

Jackie Wood Baker is the founder and Chief Experience Officer of SparkWood Events. She brings over 25 years of corporate marketing, strategy and event planning experience. With positions at both large corporations such Starbucks and Washington Mutual in additional to start-ups such as Qpass and Kozmo, she provides the leadership and overall big picture thinking for the team in addition to event execution.

Jackie is a proud graduate of Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Honolulu, Jackie’s international and multicultural perspective is an asset to her clients.

Jackie, welcome back to the Seattle Shrimp Tank.  We are excited to have you as a returning guest!


Contact Information:
Jackie Wood Baker
Chief Experience Officer

Phone:  206-423-1924



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Jackie Baker / SparkWood Events