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Nick Hughes / Founders Media Live

Nick Hughes is a successful American entrepreneur with business achievements in e-commerce, social media, digital payments, and technology startups. He excels at interpersonal leadership, communication, business, and product development.

Nick currently holds the position of Founder and CEO of the global startup marketplace Founders Live. In addition to creating Founders Live, Nick stays busy as an advisor to numerous startups and occasionally takes positions in sales or business development roles if needed. He is also cofounded Callin’it, a fun fan engagement and predictions app for sports fans.

Previously he founded the mobile payment startup Seconds as well as helped start Coinme, a company built around expanding bitcoin and digital transactions into the physical realm via Bitcoin ATM’s.

As a sought-after adviser, entrepreneurial speaker and writer with guest appearances on popular technology and media outlets, Nick enjoys helping others discover their unique entrepreneurial path.

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Nick Hughes / Founders Media Live