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The Shrimp Tank Podcast - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
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Chyna Willman / Founder of Grit City Wellness and Eden Immersion

Chyna Willman is the Founder of Grit City Wellness a Tacoma-based Wellness Club and Eden Immersion, a Whole Body Cryotherapy company with intent to scale in 2021.  She is a former Corporate Director having sold, implemented and managed programs for over 20 brands in 20 years.  Her mission is to normalize ‘whole person wellness’ and challenge the stigma that shrouds people with disabilities, health disorders and socioeconomic challenges.

Her path to entrepreneurship was untraditional but could be predicted early when she excelled in school fundraising programs and established a community babysitting network by the age of twelve.  She would spend the next 30 years dreaming up ideas from independent record labels to café’s before settling on her passion for Holistic Health.

It wasn’t until her son was diagnosed with ADHD that she would receive the same diagnosis at 32.  Having been raised by a struggling mom with no paternal support or extended family, “getting paid to learn” was Chyna’s solution to an educational system she struggled to acclimate to and later afford.  After her diagnosis she would spend another 10 years tempering the shame of her back story and the fear that she would never be qualified enough to bring her dreams to life.

At 42, she muscled the courage to leave a stable and lucrative position for the unknown trials of entrepreneurship.  Through hell or high water – it was time to answer the call.

Chyna wants people to know that success is not predestined or ordained.  You can become a visionary, an inventor, a contributor, or a great leader without graduating Cum Laude.That the path to success is never sure-footed and for some it can appear downright impossible. Chyna believes success requires grit and anunrelenting desire to be part of something bigger than yourself -add passionto the mix and it’s pure magic.

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Chyna Willman / Grit City Wellness & Eden Immersion