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Seattle Episode 52 - Hugh Blane - President of Claris Consulting

Hugh Blane / Claris Consulting

Hugh Blane is the president of Claris Consulting and is an advisor to executives and entrepreneurs for creating dramatic, positive and measurable change in the leadership of individuals and teams: guaranteed!

His work centers on helping executives and entrepreneurs challenge assumptions, jettison complacency and catapult growth. He is the author of 7 Principles of Transformational Leadership: Create A Mindset of Passion Innovation and Growth, and his clients include clients such as Sony Pictures, Starbucks, Seattle Credit Union, Nordstrom, Pepperdine University, KPMG and Costco.

He publishes a top blog on leadership and mindset and is an in-demand speaker!

Hugh, welcome to the Seattle Shrimp Tank!  We look forward in learning more about you and your story!



Brad Berger / Cornerstone Financial Strategies

Dan Weedin / First Underwriters Insurance

Hugh Blane / Claris Consulting

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