Seattle Episode 67 – Stephanie Dyane – Stephanie Dyane Inc
Entrepreneur Spotlight

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Stephanie Dyane / Stephanie Dyane Inc

Stephanie Dyane is a Photographer and Visual Design Consultant living in Gig Harbor, Washington. She has built her name in the creative and commercial photography industry working with clients such as New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber, Uplit Marketing, Guidepost Magazine, Penguin Random House Publishing, Seattle Modeling Guild, as well as multiple insurance agencies, real estate companies and professional services. Stephanie is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs and artists build their brand and visually display their work creatively and aesthetically to their unique craft.

In addition to photography, Stephanie is a mother of three boys.  She is passionate and committed to rising her boys to be the best expression of themselves.  Her free-spirited creativity, imagination, and whole-hearted love are just a few values that she shares with her boys. She blogs about her journey of rising boys on her personal blog called Fashionably Dirty: The Fashionably Dirty World of Raising Boys.

Stephanie is an active volunteer for the Vision House, a nonprofit organization for transitioning homeless families. She has been providing her photography services to the residents of the Vision House for the past nine years.

Stephanie’s love for photography started in high school when she took her first 35 mm black and white film photography class. It was during that time when she knew she would be a photographer for many years to come.



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