Seattle Episode 68 – Nancy Bos – Owner of StudioBos Media, Vocologist, Author
Entrepreneur Spotlight

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Nancy Bos / StudioBos Media

Nancy Bos is a vocologist, an author of multiple best-selling books on singing, and a professional singer in a variety of genres. She is also a lecturer, keynote speaker, thought leader, and business owner.

She serves as a Vice President for the National Association of Teachers of Singing and is the Director of Operations for the Voice and Speech Trainers Association. Nancy taught singing for 23 years and served on the faculty at Cornish College and Seattle Pacific University.

Her work is guided by the philosophy that singing makes people happier, healthier, more peaceful, and thoughtful. Singing brings people together, soothes aching hearts, and occasionally allows us to spiritually transcend. Her company, StudioBos Media, helps people tap into the magic of singing by providing basic education and insights to allow everyone to sing out. Nancy’s books are available on Amazon and look for her Every Sing podcast right after you listen to Shrimp Tank at

Nancy, welcome to the Seattle Shrimp Tank!



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Nancy Bos / StudioBos Media