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Seattle Episode 86 - COVID-19 Expert Panel


We find ourselves in interesting times. Unprecedented times with a global pandemic that is severely impacting both individuals and businesses; especially small and medium-sized businesses.

Being in Seattle, we have been at the epicenter of the outbreak in the United States. To that end, we are practicing responsible social distancing and not holding a live podcast and have rescheduled our guest to another time in the future. Co-host Dan Weedin has recorded a special podcast related directly to responding to the COVID-19 crisis. Dan has recorded an interview with four global experts and colleagues of his to help you figure out what to do right now and this week to respond and set up recovery strategies.

His guests are Phil Symcych (Canada), Art Koch (Miami, FL), Dean Robinson (Australia), and Gary Furr (Portland, OR)


Dean Robinson / Family Business Advisor

Dean Robinson is a Family Business Advisor based in Sydney, Australia. Over his 30 years of working with small and family businesses, he has observed what makes successful businesses, and what breaks them.

Using his background as an Accountant, Dean is working with his clients right now to guide them through the financial consequences and opportunities of how to deal with the current situation – and how to build a more resilient and adaptable business for the times ahead.

Office – 61-2-4654-5000

Mobile – 61-409-207-969


Art Koch / Arthur Koch Management Consulting, LLC.

Arthur Koch is a Principal Consultant with Arthur Koch Management Consulting, LLC. Art has 20+ years’ results-oriented business transformation leadership with particular emphasis on profit creation through improvements to inventory velocity, customer service and factory management. He has experience in the U.S., Asia, South America, Mexico, Europe and Canada. Art has consulted with Executive and Leadership teams in a wide array of product manufacturing companies from consumer products, tier 1 automotive suppliers, aerospace/defense, electronics and electrical mechanical as well as wholesale and distribution.

Mobile; 1-336-260-9441


Gary Furr / Gary Furr Consulting

Gary Furr is an Internationally sought after Organizational Development consultant with an MBA in Organizational Development and over 40-years of C-Level business experience, leading organizations from start-up to $50 million in size helping clients achieve greater success and take their businesses to a new level by increasing top-line revenue and bottom-line profit while enhancing valuation, liquidity, and equity. Gary has performed consulting work in the U.S., China, Russia, Thailand and the EU. His business philosophy is to make the complex simple.



Phil Symchych / SME Business Wealth Builder Corporation

Phil Symchych (sim’ chich) is the president and founder of SME Business Wealth Builder Corporation which is based in Canada and has clients around the world.

For 26 years, he has advised more than 120 privately-held small and medium businesses in 62 different industry segments on


  • How to develop and implement growth strategies,
  • creating internal financing and sourcing external financing,
  • and succession planning
  • that creates and protects business wealth for shareholders.

Phil Symchych || The Business Wealth Builder®


Toronto 1-647-558-7838

Regina 1-306-992-6177