The Shrimp Tank Podcast - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
The Shrimp Tank Podcast - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
Seattle Episode 88 - Anna Choi - Conscious Business Coach

Anna Choi / Conscious Business Coach

Anna S. Choi, Conscious Business Coach, empowers the next generation of global leaders to replenish their energy, leverage their genius, and find peace in chaos. As a broke art major with zero experience, connections, or knowledge she started her first business, InsideOut Investing, grossing six figures by age 25. A decade later, she now helps her clients find their yin within, aligning their energy as a leader.

Anna is a Forbes Author currently serving as a Kitsap Community Foundation Ambassador and was appointed by Commissioner Gelder as an Advisory Member for Bremerton-Kitsap Access Television. She is a Founding 40 Member of Vibe Coworks and started the Power Brain Education Fund helping teachers and kids learn mindfulness, conflict resolution, and emotional management to become better leaders of tomorrow.

Anna’s proudest accomplishment is water birthing her son, Eli who is now 8 years old. She married her best friend Leo celebrating 17 years together and lives in Poulsbo. She loves mastering her energy through yoga, TaeKwonDo, ukulele singing, and you might see her face on billboards, trains, or BECU commercials.

If you’re interested in gaining clarity, energy, and inspired action in a like-minded conscious entrepreneur community, visit their private FB group Community of Conscious Entrepreneurs or learn more at


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Anna Choi / Conscious Business Coach