Seattle Episode 93 – Lisa Kemmerling – Founder of Clean Lines Fashion Consulting
Entrepreneur Spotlight

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Lisa Kemmerling / Clean Lines Fashion Consulting

Lisa started Clean Lines Fashion Consulting two years ago.  It was a brainchild of hers for a long time.  Lisa been passionate about fashion since she was in grade school and ideally wanted to be a clothing and shoe designer.As life would have it, her parents didn’t have the resources to send her to Fashion Institute of Chicago after she graduated from high school. Instead, Lisa worked in mortgage banking directly after moving to California and then pursued the medical field as a way to help others.

Lisa spent 20 years in the medical field in various roles such as a Sales Consultant, a Manager and finally a Director of Sales and Marketing.  One of her greatest achievements while working in medical sales was pursuing and achieving her bachelor’s degree while working full time in the field.

Coupled with her strong background in outside sales and passion for fashion, Clean Lines Fashion Consulting has provided Lisa with what she loves to do best, which is working with men and women to bring out their authentic self through clothing and styles.

Lisa has been married to her husband Todd for 30 years and together they have one daughter, Alexa, who graduated from University of Washington, Seattle last June.


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