Seattle Episode 94 – Bradly Franco – Creative Director of Ulterius Flux
Entrepreneur Spotlight

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Bradly Franco / Ulterius Flux

Bradly Franco is the Creative Director and Video Producer of Ulterius Flux. He was born in California but raised right here in Kitsap County. Previously he worked as a Landscaper, a Dishwasher, a Nuclear Machinist Mate, and as a Personal Trainer. A few major achievements Bradly has accomplished in his life are learning how to ride a unicycle, graduating from the Naval Nuclear Program, and dropping out of college three times. After the third drop out, it  began the start of Bradly’s business. Special shout out to Caffe Cocina, Sullys Bar & Bistro, The Anfield Shop, and Kitsap Kitchen & Bath, all local businesses in Kitsap county, for being there at the start. In those businesses Bradly started off doing a lot of everything includingphotos, videos, graphic design, etc. Two years later to the present day, Bradlybelieves he wouldn’t be where he is at if it wasn’t for them. Bradly currently serves local businesses in Kitsap County with hopes of traveling for projects one day.


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Bradly Franco / Ulterius Flux