Seattle Episode 96 – Vanessa Smith – Blue Ribbon Cooking
Entrepreneur Spotlight

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Vanessa Smith / Blue Ribbon Cooking

Vanessa Smith was born and raised to throw parties for a living! Growing up in a cooking school with a very artistic eye Vanessa developed a love for helping people celebrate life’s milestones and helping bring families back to the dining table.  Vanessa launched into business ownership at the age of 23 and within 3 years was running a company with over 90 employees.  When Vanessa is not planning parties for her clients, she enjoys savoring moments with her husband and young family at their home in Seattle.  Vanessa brings determination, hands-on leadership and an incredible hard work ethic to all of life’s adventures.


Contact Information:

Blue Ribbon Cooking
2501 Fairview Ave E
Seattle, WA 98102
Instagram& Facebook:  @blueribboncooking



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Vanessa Smith / Blue Ribbon Cooking