Seattle Episode 99 – Gary Tashjian – CEO of Darwin’s Natural Pet Products
Entrepreneur Spotlight

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Gary Tashjian / CEO of Darwin’s Natural Pet Products

Gary founded Darwin’s Natural Pet Products in 2004 to help pets and their owners enjoy more years of healthy companionship together. Darwin’s mission is deeply personal. Gary discovered the power of natural, raw pet food when he made the switch for his best friend, Max – an Old English Sheepdog who was suffering from crippling arthritis. After crafting and serving him a blend of fresh meat and vegetables recommended by his holistic veterinarian, Gary watched Max transform from an elderly dog with restricted movement back into his old self, full of energy. In just a month, Max’s arthritis all but disappeared.

Gary saw the opportunity to help more pets live longer lives by providing them with a healthier diet and by making it convenient and affordable for pet owners by delivering meals to their homes. So, he quit his job and founded Darwin’s. Since then, Darwin’s has served more than 50 million nutritious meals to dogs and cats, helping tens of thousands of pets live longer, healthier lives.

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Gary Tashjian / Darwin’s Natural Pet Products