Shawn O’Hearn – Bluebonnet Custom Pools, Inc.
Entrepreneur Spotlight

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shawn ohearn headshotShawn O’Hearn / Bluebonnet Custom Pools, Inc.

Bluebonnet Custom Pools Inc. is based on the experience of three generations with over 40 years in the business. As a member of this family, Shawn O’Hearn got into the pool business at 16 years old, working his way up from the bottom of the family business. Today, he runs the business with his sons.

Under the ownership of the O’Hearn family since our inception, Bluebonnet Custom Pools Inc. knows exactly what you need to create your perfect backyard paradise, even when you don’t.



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SHAWN O’HEARN / Bluebonnet Custom Pools, Inc.

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