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Shawn Vernimo - Greystone Consulting Group

shawn-headshotShawn Vernimo / Greystone Consulting Group

Shawn Vernimo is the expert in solving roofing problems and applying an investment approach to all roofing portfolios. An engineer by training and roofer by choice, Mr. Vernimo’s clients have included 3 of the top 5 property management firms and the largest pension fund in the United States. Additionally, he has consulted on numerous multimillion dollar projects including a $6.6 million roofing project in Dallas, Texas and $4 million project in St. Louis, Missouri. Throughout his 27+ years of roof consulting and contracting experience, Mr. Vernimo has saved business owners and property managers alike hundreds of thousands of dollars by providing clients with his roofing expertise, insight into industry realities and investment approach solutions. Leading efforts to elevate roofing industry standards, Mr. Vernimo makes it easy for clients to make cost-effective decisions for all investments surrounding the roof.



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Shawn Vernimo / Greystone Consulting Group

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