The Shrimp Tank - Columbus
The Shrimp Tank - Columbus
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Patrick McCurdy III / Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Kimball Midwest

Patrick McCurdy III has been with Kimball Midwest for 15 years and currently serves as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Patrick has been heavily involved in the development and leadership of several departments during his tenure and currently works closely with our Sales Management and Marketing teams to ensure the continued growth and success of Kimball Midwest. Over the last 30+ years, Kimball Midwest’s sales have grown from about $750,000 in 1978 to over $300 million in 2020.

Patrick also advocates the importance of community involvement, and he and Kimball Midwest support numerous local organizations including American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Lifecare Alliance Meals on Wheels, A Kid Again, Make a Wish, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Central Ohio Catholic parishes.



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Patrick McCurdy III / Kimball Midwest