The Shrimp Tank - Central PA
The Shrimp Tank - Central PA
Should You Do a Husband and Wife Business?

Bert & Shelley Wendeln / Co-Owners of The Carlisle Group & SPAtacular

Bert and Shelly always had talked and dreamed about owning a business of some sort one day, but they had no idea what that would be since they had interests on opposite ends of the spectrum – Bert was a business major and Shelly was a Chemistry major. After gaining experience in recruitment in his first job after college, Bert decided to join a start-up executive search and recruitment start-up firm. Shelly continued her career as a Chemical Engineer until she and Bert decided to buy the search firm a year after it opened. At that time Shelly decided to quit her position to help Bert run The Carlisle Group.

After 20 years of co-owning the executive search firm, Shelly decided she wanted to try something different that would utilize more of her chemistry background.  And then it came to her, it only made sense to get into the Salon & Spa business. Thus, SPAtacular was born.

Today, Bert and Shelly are the co-owners of both The Carlisle Group and SPAtacular. They combined their unique skills to balance and support each other in the day-to-day operations of both companies.



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George Book, Jr. / West Chamber of Commerce

Bert & Shelly Wendeln / The Carlisle Group, SPAtacular