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Should You Hire A Mentor?

Maureen Mascaro / Founder & Chief Project Officer of The Common Area

An Uncommon Approach to Common Real Estate Problems

Maureen Mascaro launched The Common Area based on the core value of providing hands-on, boutique-level project management services for clients. Maureen’s attentive and results-oriented style offers a distinct level of expertise to each assignment. With a focus on elevating workspaces in existing building environments, Maureen is a proactive problem-solver who excels at developing successful relationships with all stakeholders in a project.

Driven by her passion for making an impact in people’s everyday lives, The Common Area helps occupiers of office space, occupy their office space.

Sky’s the Limit: Elevating the Client Experience

As a client-centric owner’s representative, Maureen advises and advocates on behalf of her clients to ensure that the internal and vendor/contractor teams are hitting the milestones necessary to keep projects moving forward. Maureen works with owners, client executives and staff, landlord and property management teams, designers, vendors, and builders to maintain open and transparent communication that keeps all parties on task, on target, and budget.

Maureen is known to foster an environment of teamwork and ensures that strategy is clearly defined while overseeing performance. Her strong communication skills and relationship-based approach enhances the process-driven management philosophy that has earned her loyalty from internal brokerage clients and external project clients alike.

Those who work with The Common Area know that they will be well-represented every step of the way.

COVID-19: A Pivot Towards Safety

With her finger on the industry pulse, Maureen immediately shifted her strategy in early 2020 to address the design and safety elements a client might need to incorporate within their workspace post-COVID-19.

As firms continue to navigate this trying time, The Common Area provides creative solutions that ensure employees can get back to work in a functional-yet-safe space.



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Maureen Mascaro / The Common Area