Stephen McClure – Former CEO of ICCNexergy

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Stephen McClure / Former CEO of ICCNexergy

In the mid 90s, Stephen joined a private company (International Components Corporation) in Chicago that was supplying battery charging solutions in medical, communications, data server and storage, handheld data, power tools and consumer electronics markets. Stephen worked in a variety of senior management positions at ICC until appointed by the Board as CEO of the company in early 2002. Under his executive leadership, ICC became a global leader, developer and manufacturer of innovative rechargeable power systems for portable applications such as cell phones and surgical equipment. And he led ICC in the acquisition of a number of companies in ICC’s space, and then led the company through complex sales transactions to private equity groups in 2011 & then again in 2014, both of which involved favorable liquidity events and equity rolled into the transactions.

In 2015, Stephen led his company through an acquisition of the largest competitor in its space and brought in a new CEO, at which time he transitioned to Chairman of the Board. He retired from The Board of Directors in 2016.



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Stephen McClure / ICCNexergy

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