Michael Blake – Owner of Arpeggio Advisors

Michael Blake – Owner of Arpeggio Advisors

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Michael Blake - Owner of Arpeggio Advisors

Michael Blake/Arpeggio Advisors 


Mike Blake is President of Arpeggio Advisors, a business appraisal and strategic advisory firm headquartered in Atlanta. Mike appraises businesses, securities, and intellectual property to help clients maximize their returns on transactions and painlessly comply with tax and financial reporting requirements. Mike has specialized expertise in appraising and advising emerging technology companies; patents, copyrights and trademarks; professional services firms; alternative energy companies; and aerospace companies. Prior to starting his career as a business appraiser and strategic advisor, Mike raised capital and created international strategic partnerships for Israeli companies, and helped convert Russian companies convert part of their weapons of mass destruction design and production capabilities into civilian applications and privatized businesses.