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Tallia Deljou - Co-Founder & President of Mavenly & Co.

Tallia Deljou / Mavenly & Co.

Tallia Deljou is the co-founder and president of Mavenly & Co., dedicated to supporting professional women and millennials in designing a career with purpose through coaching programs, retreats, and corporate trainings. With a Master’s degree in Positive Organizational Psychology and Evaluation, Tallia is energized by having meaningful, authentic conversations to help others grow and find fulfillment in their work, whether it’s by identifying next steps for their professional paths, uncovering the obstacles holding them back from achieving success, or developing a mindset rooted in values and strengths to make well-informed decisions. Today, Mavenly’s podcast, Women Work and Worth, reaches an audience of 50,000 listeners across the world, furthering their mission to support professionals in showing up as their best selves to work.



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Tallia Deljou Mavenly & Co.

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