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Terry "Doc" Dockery PH.D. - President of The Business Psychology Company

headshotTerry “Doc” Dockery PH.D. / The Business Psychology Company

Terry “Doc” Dockery, Ph.D. (yes, Dr. Doc Dockery) is a licensed Business Psychologist, speaker, and writer who is President of The Business Psychology Company in Atlanta, GA. Since 1993 he has helped business leaders double their revenues and happiness at a minimum 10:1 Return On Investment with a money-back guarantee.

His clients have won numerous national “Best Places to Work” awards, and his recent book, Leadership, Happiness, & Profit: 12 Steps to a High-Performance Business, was an Amazon #1 Bestseller.

In his spare time he plays in a blues/rock band, and is widely known as a man who puts the “harm” in harmonica. He is a former professional musician who received the Lucille Award from B.B. King.



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Terry “Doc” Dockery PH.D. / The Business Psychology Company

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