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Tim Ray - Founder of United Intentions Foundation

Tim Ray / United Intentions Foundation

After receiving his degrees in Business Management and Psychology, Tim began his career as an entrepreneur in the senior care industry and eventually opened his own business. As an education advocate, he created unique and impactful classes and certified programs for the Georgia Health Care Association and at Kennesaw State University.

Even with a strong vision and mission, Tim found the hardest work by far, was keeping a positive, powerful focus on how he intended to live in the present moment. With little time and a world full of distractions, he needed simple and effective ways to direct his thoughts in the midst of everyday struggle.

Therefore, in 2009 he founded the United Intentions Foundation to assist others in learning how to transform worrisome thoughts into positive intentions. He has created tools, programs, and resources to help people attract what they truly desire by understanding that our thoughts create our reality.

“My definition of living life intentionally is living in the present moment with your thoughts. Once you are conscious of what your thoughts are, you are able to be conscious of what you are creating”



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Tim Ray / United Intentions Foundation

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