The Shrimp Tank Podcast Atlanta - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
The Shrimp Tank Podcast Atlanta - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
Tom Valentine - Founder & CEO of Valentine Solutions LLC

Tom Valentine / Valentine Solutions LLC

Tom Valentine was born in Alliance, Ohio and currently resides in Milton, Georgia. He was married on Valentine’s Day to his awesome bride Debora. Father of 2 boys Zac (31) and Victor (17) & have a hunting dog named Romeo & cat Rocco. Tom graduated from West Liberty State University, WV in 1987 with a Marketing Major with Minor in Computer Science.

● 1987 – 1999
○ Worked in the Technology Sector for Marshall Industries 1987 to 1999
○ 4th largest National Distributor of Semiconductors in North America $1.5+B
○ Started in field sales in Columbus, OH
○ Branch Manager in Cleveland, OH

● 1998 – 1999
○ Moved to Georgia
○ Founded VAL-TEK Enterprises
○ Consultant for Marshall Industries

● 2000 -2002
○ Mr. Mom & Consultant for Tech Sector
○ 2002 – Began Agent work in the Logistics Sector

● 2003 – 2010
○ Director of Corp Sales for GTS (Group Transportation Services) Ascent Global Logistics
○ Private company eventually sold to PE in 2009 and went Public in 2011

● 2010 – Current
○ Founded Valentine Solutions LLC
○ Sales agent company
○ Representing over a dozen diverse Logistics Solution Providers
○ We solve: Supply Chain, Warehousing, Distribution & Business Process Challenges

Tom currently is on a Board/Advisory/Member: Atlanta WERC, GMA, GA Trade Five, PPC, UMMA & ISTC. He is also the Chair for College Ministries at AFUMC (Alpharetta First United Methodist Church). He loves his Family & Christian Faith, paying it forward, playing any sport, golfing, hunting, fishing, traveling, learning people’s stories and just simply helping others!



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