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Ty Belknap - CEO of MyCoach.Life

Ty Belknap / MyCoach.Life

Ty Belknap, CEO of MyCoach.Life (link:, is a professional success coach, best-selling author, public speaker, webinar creator, and recently earned the distinguished Doctor of Strategic Leadership in Life Coaching, a degree held by fewer than 200 people in the world.

He has been an entrepreneur most of his life. At 10 years old, he would ride his bike to the local store, about 2 miles away, and buy candy to resell to the kids in his neighborhood. As a teenager he found himself living on the streets of Seattle for a while, but that didn’t stop him. He clawed his way out and used what he learned to gain success in several different fields (one of his greatest pleasures now is to coach homeless and at risk teens).

Ty worked his way from entry level to managerial and executive levels in both the retail and I.T. industries before becoming an established entrepreneur and business owner on his own. The diversity of his past makes him uniquely qualified as a success coach. And, through all that has happened, he has learned one important lesson: The only way to fail is to give up.

As he was finishing his Bachelor’s degree in 2011, Ty decided to take a coaching class because it looked like an easy class after his hectic schedule (it is interesting how little things like that can change your life, isn’t it). He immediately fell in love with coaching and, over the next several years, he worked toward his newest entrepreneurial venture in starting his coaching practice. MyCoach.Life official opened in 2015.

Most goals never see the light of day because a proper plan has not been put into place. Whether it is a business, personal, relationship, or career goal, planning for a successful outcome will make it much more likely to happen. With that in mind, Ty has created a series of free webinars/workshops (he calls them Webishops) at

When he is not coaching, Ty can be found riding his motorcycle around the Pacific Northwest countryside or spending time with his wife and children.

Ty’s newest book, Leadership for Introverts, is due out the beginning of 2018.



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Ty Belknap / MyCoach.Life

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