The Shrimp Tank Podcast Boston - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
The Shrimp Tank Podcast Boston - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country
Veteran Owned Start-Up, Enrichment for Schools

JJ Rohrer / Founder of School Twist

I am JJ Rohrer and Elegant Technologies (ET) is my personal website. Formed in 2004, Elegant Technologies was started as a company while I developed a 400 page online reference web site for the Air Force (The Project Officer’s Handbook – sadly – long dead link). ET enjoyed a brief stint as a Web 2.0 project providing online tools for HR managers… until I realized I really didn’t have a passion for HR software.  Yeah – I was shocked by that one, too.  ET also enjoyed a good run as a mobile app company.




Fun FactET was where I received my first official trademarks, and I also learned how very differently a lawyer approaches a trademark than a business owner would.  My lawyer seemingly researched with an eye towards search-ability. I approached it with an eye towards, “who might sue me.” My approach was much cheaper, and helped me sleep better.

I maintain to track past and future projects, to share occasional thoughts, and to generally protect my little corner of the internet.


JJ is an engineer MBA focusing on early stage teams.

Recently, JJ was the onsite software product manager dedicated to Harvard Business School’s HBX online business course initiative.

Prior work focused in the STEM Education & EdTech space.  JJ runs School Twist  as an indie-side project of Ascendly. School Twist should reach its 10,000th paying beta-registrant during the 2018-2019 school year.  JJ continues to shepherd Ascendly as an institution that runs after-school STEM enrichment classes.



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JJ Rohrer / School Twist